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From Connect the Dots Movement we organize various projects for the community with the aim of stimulating personal development and self-awareness in all generations. We call these awareness projects because we ask for conscious attention to social problems such as the homeless, loneliness, mental problems or the elderly. Do you have an idea or concept that stimulates more awareness and positivity? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you brainstorm or connect with the right people.

Collaboration albums

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In collaboration with various artists from our network, we started a ''collaborations album project''. This is a typical process in which we collaborate with many talented artists from within and outside the Netherlands. This network consists of producers, lyricists, graffiti artists, DJs, singers etc.  

We are currently working on the first album:

''THE RAPSOLUTION'' - a collaboration of more than 20 artists who want to use their talent to stimulate positivity.

Follow the process through our social media channels:

@ctd.seriouslyricists @ctd.movement

Conscious Hip-hop events

RETURNING POSITIVE ELEMENTS AT OUR EVENTS. All CTD events have one thing in common and that is the recurring positive elements: Conscious and positive lyricists, turntablism, live (grafitti) art, home made food, (break)dance, open mic/jam and positive vibes!


Sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye on our socials for upcoming events and jam sessions!


Lyrical shots for Peace

#seriouslyricists #spiritualhip-hop

Serious lyricists poster.png

Serious Lyricists is a project where we want to challenge talented (up-and-coming) rappers within the hip-hop community to step out of their comfort zone and record a serious session in the CTD BOOTH!


We notice that there is still an overabundance of rap music that is essentially about the glorification of sex, drugs, and violence.


We at the Connect the Dots Movement foundation therefore think it is high time for a different sound. A sound that calls for cohesion, awareness and personal development in the most positive sense! Our goal ? Counteracting negative incentives.  

Do you have talent and would you like to contribute to raising general awareness? Then sign up for Serious Lyricists and drop your knowledge to a straight up hip-hop beat! Let's help politics with some raw political rap. 

Jam sessions

Jam sessions are organized sporadically. 


Jam sessions

Jam sessions are organized sporadically. 

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