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Orthan Core

Orthan Cardain Gohagen is a Jamaican born Soul/Reggae/Blues Singer/Songwriter, Producer. Orthoan Core sees 'Music is the expression of the soul and a reflection of a time and place. Its as a powerful tool that can be used to motivate people towards reshaping life on a personal and

collective level.

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Passion from a young age

Orthan have been a vegan chef for more than 13 years and now has been inspired to form a triangle that focuses on the healing benefits of music, hearbs and vegan life style which includes Music Production and live performance, Kemetic Yoga, meditation and an alkaline raw food journey.  

Orthan have been practicing yoga for the Yoga kemetic Yoga for the pass 10 year and has been certified as an instructor in Kemetic yoga since 2018.

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+316 305 48 251


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