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+ Less music with negative influence in public areas
Most of today's music is based on the glorification of a negative lifestyle. Think of the mainstream music that is mainly about alcohol and drugs. We also let our children hear this without being aware of the damage this has on their further development. It is therefore high time to do something about this.

+ Awareness of Negative Programming
We would like to make young people aware of the negative programming and teach them to protect themselves against this. There is an abundance of negative programming through music, fashion, movies and social media. The consequence of this is that young people get lost in the 'scarface fantasy', girls learn to use their sexuality as a weapon and children grow up with a distorted view of reality.

+ Increase general awareness
An excess of negative programming makes it nearly impossible to evolve in consciousness. We believe this is due to misinformation. Almost everyone wants
  like to be positive in life. This is made structurally impossible for us, so that we mainly experience stress and get stuck in a negative self-image. This has an effect on how we treat each other as a society.

+ Create a new positive sound
We think it's high time for a new sound. A sound that calls for cohesion, awareness and personal development in the most positive sense! Music and art with a message that promotes the development of the next generations. A movement of artists who write, speak and create from the heart and can serve as positive role models for the youth. We want to create a flow of positive programming.

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