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Jungle fever is the 3rd official single released from the Album Jungle treatment. The phrase use as the title is more like some triple entendre, it’s an inspiration that came through reflecting through the spectrum of the collective memory in relation to the physical and spiritual history of humankind, internally it’s a question to myself, whether or not I am ready to leave this level of the matrix going forward to live a more simple and holistic live out there in nature as some would terms it (The Jungle.)


On the external aspect, the song is also shining a light on the injustice that has been dished out to the native people of the land to live as conveniently as it is today in the developed world. The question can you stand the Jungle Fever is the first line in the song, will the world be able to withstand the swing of the pendulum whenever that is to occur, are we prepared for equilibrium are we willing to sacrifice what was wrongfully taken in order to see the planet in harmony.


Are we prepared for when all the lies really become truth, Let’s take the outbreak of diseases for example, what if animals were really the cause for the world to be locked down the way we have seen it over the last 2½ years? Will we really be able to withstand a disease that is spread by animals that only comes out at night? Could we really stand the Jungle Fever?

Orthan Core - Jungle Fever (single)

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