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In October 2020 we started developing a joint album "The Rapsolution". It's a collaboration album with inspiring artists we've met over the years. The artists who work together on this album are aware of what is going on in the world. They want to create awareness and plant seeds with the next generation through music. 

De eerste single

Op 13 juni 2021 kwam de eerste single van het album uit! 'Change'  isgeschreven door Sarah-Lee & Sherr en geproduceerd door Restless M.I.N.D. 

rap can
be the solution

The album features songs that are meant to wake up the world. The tracks are about social, everyday themes. The rappers on the album aim to spread a message and are not aimed at fame or money.  


The rap formation plans to give performances across the country after the album's release. Linked to the performances, we want to have conversations with the public about themes such as mental health, depression, fears, balance, happiness and positivity.

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Haags Hiphop Centrum (Recording Studio), Steve Dee (MC), Erol Cengiz (MC), Mizt aan de Maas (MC, Dylano the beatmaker (producer), Restless MIND (producer), LMNTS Design (logo art), King Razoul Aquarius (producer & MC), BeinG (producer & MC), Robin (MC), CHIPUS (MC), Pricilla (MC), Smoke Beatz & Yourfavorite: Ghost Producer crew (producers), Nikki (MC), Roxmana (MC), Sherr (MC), Sarah-Lee (MC), HARM (MC), Positiefar (producer), Remyo (singer), Maxime Berends (Photographer), Mista Sweet (producer & mix/master), Max (MC), Amaru ( MC), Amby Cheneylise (MC)

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